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If you’ve dealt with large marketing agencies before you’ve no doubt experienced the appeal of the WOW factor, especially with regards to grand promises and incredible possibilities presented in the form of numbers. You have no doubt also experienced the frustration of knowing there are juicy bits locked away behind a wall of hourly rates, the potential that’s not being fully realized as these agencies have bigger fish to fry and larger contracts to service. 

So before I ask you this question, perhaps you should ask yourself… what is more important? The size of the agency representing you made up of individual brilliant marketing minds and salespeople or your business achieving its objectives? Better yet, what about reaching those objectives while dealing with a handful of brilliant minds dedicated to your account and giving you undivided attention? 

You see, that’s the difference between us the gallant shepherds, and the bigger marketing agencies. Our promise of dedication, passion, and a drive for you to succeed isn’t just to your business but also ourselves, because the success of your marketing efforts is just as vital to your business as it is to ours. Now, I’m not saying big agencies don’t care about the success of their clients don’t get me wrong, but I am confident that you will feel the difference between an agency that sees you as part of a group of clients and one that sees your business success as an integral part of their success.

Of course, nothing is stopping me or any other small agency out there from claiming we will offer you a personalized approach better than a big agency will, just to get your business. So why don’t we look at it in terms of facts? 

Fact – Both big and smaller agencies are kept on their feet by brilliant individuals with expert knowledge working together to deliver results. 


The ability and effectiveness of said individuals are severely diminished when they have to pay attention to 14 different clients as opposed to just 3 or 4. That is the difference. I do not have 7 pages or more to argue this point or even present more but this in itself is a big difference between these agencies. 

Small agencies also often present you with the opportunity to be more creative, engaging, and targeted. We don’t offer a million things or promise a million things because we can do all of them, we give you 2 that we know we’ve mastered. We continue to get better at those 2 things because it’s all we do every day and we are constantly trying to improve those 2 things to make sure we’re delivering results for our clients and ourselves. 

Our tagline isn’t just a tagline but a belief system that we live by and a reminder to our people of why we exist and how we exist. We are the Gallant Shepherds willing to go head to head with the big agencies because for us, every stat, every spike in engagement, every drop in sales, every increase in organic search or drop in website traffic or every report at the end of the month is make or break. 

The beauty of this as I have observed over time is that the more we strive and fight for every breath our agency takes, the better we get at what we do. Our clients, our people, and the industry as a whole benefit from this. Small agencies bring the dreamers and their dreams, the thinkers and their innovative ways, the hard workers and their drive. As yourself, why is it that you got this far in this article? Is it because you see the truth in it or perhaps you will read anything on the internet? I would like to believe it’s the former. 

Either way, I am open to the conversation. Let’s talk.

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